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FAQ Page

This page will eventually become the FAQ page, where we will answer frequently asked questions (duh) and questions that we don't want to be asked. We will also answer questions that you didn't even know you had, because we care that much.

Why do the comic images suck/what the hell is that supposed to be?

Well, the basic reason is, we're still learning. Hell, Spike barely even knew ow to draw three years ago, and look at this stuff now! I'd say that's a fairly big improvement. The same goes for me. Really, this whole thing is just kind of a test. We're aways going to keep doing the comic (for the foreseeable future, at least) and we'll always keep getting better. At least, I hope we will.

I don't understnad what's happening in this comic/what's happening at the end of this comic

That's because, as opposed to most webcomics, we do things in an issue form. So, every twelve (sometimes more or less) comics form one complete storyline (or part of one if the story is a two parter). Frankly, the only reason for this is because writing comics that have a punch line in the last frame is hard, and Spike would rather focus on the storyline itself, putting in funny stuff whereever it happens to go.

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